A while ago I wrote about a personal project called PRESERVED and you can read all about it here. I've gone back to photograph the same but with DSLR instead of the IPhone. Why? I wanted to print the image a little bigger than I can print with the images from the iPhone  

Below is just a collage of all the 9 images selected, hope you like the sneak preview. I will be posting larger images soon. 


New Work

It's been a long time since I have posted any new posts or even new works. I'm excited about some of the new photographs I have made and will start sharing with you.

Today, I will only be sharing one image from a group of the photographs I took.


I've always liked long exposure photographs, but I believe having some movement in them makes for a better photographs. 

Feather Details...

I created the following prints for my collection and shop. I'm really proud of the outcome of these prints and can't wait to hang them in my studio.

As always - My prints are for sale and you can purchase each one of these for just $15+tax or all three for $40+tax from the shop


Not long ago at all, I've realized that I truly enjoy working in series and I believe it makes my Fine Art Photography that much powerful and attractive to my audience.   

This is just the first image of my new series. Hope you like this image and continue following this series to completion.  


White Tulip

White Tulip


Kayak to the Sunset

A few weeks ago, we spent a full weekend in Key West. One of the main reasons was to photograph the Sunset among other things. The sunset in this part of Florida is just amazing.

Standing there with tripod fully extended and getting camera settings ready to start shooting, I saw this guy in a kayak through my view finder. As he was getting closer and closer to the path of the sunset, I hurried like I have never done before and got what I think was a pretty close setting for it. Without wasting anytime, I took about 15 frames until he got just in the middle of the sun's path.

This is the resulting image.

Headshots in January

It's a new year and why not get a new headshot/profile image for your website, social media, or resume!

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Looking forward in having you in the studio and photographing you!

Creative Process - Personal Projects

It's been a little while since I've actually written anything on my blog other than showing you new work, my new ETSY store, etc, but today, I would like to write about how to keep your creative juices flowing, particularly with Personal Projects.

I've noticed that every Personal Project I set out to do (planned) is still in the "planning" stages in my old fashion notebook. But what I've really noticed is that when I start a personal project organically, it comes out way better than I ever expected.

The following 4 images are from a recent project I started extremely organic, but first, let me tell you about the project.

My Fiance preserves all the flowers I bring home and once they are dried and preserved, she puts them in this HUGE center piece in our dining table. I was just sitting at the table a couple of days ago and the lightbulb went off in my head!

I picked up my iPhone and my macro band and started playing a little bit and loved what I was getting. So, I decided to continue making photographs of these Preserved Flowers and made it into a Personal Project.

Personal Projects can be extremely rewarding. It's a way to try something new, something fresh, maybe even BOLD, but the most important part is that a Personal Project is simply just that! No constraints from clients, no expectation from anybody else but your own. Give it a try, you might like what it comes out!

Here are just 4 photographs from the project, but if you want to continue following the photographs for this project and see how it transpires. Follow on-going gallery here.


 Hope you like these images and visit the gallery to check them out.

Beautify your workplace or home!

Lately, I have been asked if I sell my images to offices, the answer is YES. All of my images are for sell for your home or office.

Do you have an office, business, home office or even your living room that you would like to add some art to it? We have it all! We have just the prints, we have them matted, we have them framed, and we have them in canvas. It's your choice!

Let me know which image or images and display and we'll send you a quote within a few hours! We would love to work with you and have our art beautify your place of business or home!

Thank you!

Contact info: Ray Medina 305.791.3686 Info[at]

Stepping Stones || Key Biscayne

I have been to this same spot a few times now and every time, I love it more and more. The light is never the same and composition wise, it's a treat! Unfortunately, this particular day, it started raining about 60 minutes from the moment I arrived and it got nasty really quick, but I can't wait to visit this spot again!

Available Sizes


A few months ago, I attended this exciting festival called "PhilanthroFest". A Family-Friendly festival celebrating South Florida's philanthrophic and cultural arts community. In this festival, there were tons of art to see, things to buy, food to eat and of course, awesome performers to watch and enjoy. One the performances that I truly enjoyed were The Fusion Gitana (Specializing in Flamenco, Latin & Middle Eastern Fusion) Really colorful costumes and very high energy.

After a few safe photos, I decided to slow down my shutter speed and start recording their colors and movement.

I'm currently working on expanding this series to more dancers and different genre. So if you are a dancer or dance school and would like to participate in this project, please contact me (here). The dancers and/or school will also get some of the prints of the series.

Hope you all like this series!

Photography Folio (Florida Sweetheart)

In the community where I live, they have planted this magnificent and beautiful plant called Caladium Bulbs 0r "Florida Sweetheart" everywhere.

Plant Info: Caladiums are tropical foliage plants that provide a splash of color in summer flower beds. They grow well in shaded areas, containers, hanging baskets, and as borders. Caladiums are easy to grow; they are tropical plants, native to Brazil. So, it's no surprise that these plants love a warm, shady, humid environment. It grows to it's full height of 12" to 30" in one season. You can add drama to any landscape with the addition of caladiums. Their brightly-colored leaves, in shades of red, pink, white and green, are perfect in a grouping or as an accent for other plants.

Their color is beautiful but I decided to make it Black & White as I preferred to show their beauty rather than their color.

Folio I (includes all 6 images presented here and each image printed on 8.5×11 Epson Ultra Premium Matte paper) $185 

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Folio II (includes all 5 images presented here and each image printed on 8.5×11 Epson Ultra Premium Matte paper) $150

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Hope you find a beautiful place in your house to display these folios!

Thank you!

Sunset on the Hudson

While in the most magical city in the US, I spent just a few minutes admiring this site. The colors, the clouds, the smell... It was all a true magic moment standing there taking it all in. I decided to make it Black & White as I saw it would fit my photographic vision for this journey. Hope you all like it! This photograph has been added to the available prints list (select “available prints” from the category menu).

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New York Postcard

The biggest thing I learned these past 3 days about NYC is that they are resilient and not because you hear that same phrase in the news, but because you definitely notice it when you are here. Whether it rains or snow, they are out there doing whatever it is that they need to be doing. I think we can all learn from them!

Flower Droplet - Print

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen this photograph. I took the time to actually make a print of it because I couldn't stop looking at the image and I don't think I've felt this way about one of my photographs before. Once the photograph came out of the printer, I had probably exactly 3 tears coming down my face. I'm totally in love with this photograph and I hope you do too.

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The B Family

I have tons to say about this family, but there are no words to describe this beautiful family. I think I better shut my mouth and just show you how beautiful and cool this family is... So without further ado ... I present you, The B Family.

Hope you enjoyed the photographs as much as I enjoyed making them!


It seems that even walking towards a gym, people can't put their devices down. No matter what the reason is, we must be connected 24/7, present company included, I'm also always connected, but I have learned that there are moments that you must disconnect.